1. Enclosure No.7
  2. Zero
  3. The Chains Of Life
  4. Trail Of Lies
  5. Reduced To A Beast
  6. Enlightened By Shadows
  7. Interlude
  8. The Might Of Repression
  9. Walls
  10. Two Sould Marked By Sorrow
Improsoned in their minds
Rendered with blindness
Enslaved by existence
Shadows reign their thoughts Darkness Ablaze mix several different genres such as Melodic Death Metal, Progressive and Symphonic Metal and manage to establish their very own sound in the metal world.

released April 24, 2010

Theo Georgitsaros (vocals)
Christof Lorenz (guitar)
Alexander Huber (guitar)
Jens Podzierski (keyboard)
Christian Jaworski (bass)
Sascha Beul (drums)

Guest musicians:
Sarina Wijasuriya (clean vocals – Walls)
Janina Kutschewski (additional growls – Walls)
Timo Fielker (clean vocals – The Might Of Repression)
Robin Porta (violin – Interlude)

Album Reviews

The second album of the death/black metallers DARKNESS ABLAZE tastes much better than the first disc, the added gothic sprinkles give the songs atmosphere. This reminds also on the basis of the rough vocals every now and then of similarly positioned Sweden chapels like DARK TRANQUILLITY. The sound is nice and fat.

The partly blasted "Enlightened by Shadows" meters away well, also the driving and very atmospheric "Reduced to a Beast" comes great from the hips. In the goodness it goes nine times to the point and it culminates in the very long epic "The Might of Repression", which combines all bandtrademarks. But also the shorter and therefore mighty rolling "Trail of Lies" scores with mature songwriting.

Strong album, which should inspire especially friends of the melodic Death / Black Gothenburg sound.