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DARKNESS ABLAZE – Ghost Path (Official Music Video 4k) 2023
After their very well received EP CREATOR from 2021, DARKNESS ABLAZE are back with the 9-track album IT ALL SHALL BURN, which will be released November 3rd. GHOST PATH, the first single, is the first proof that IT ALL SHALL BURN is the band’s next logical step. Darkness Ablaze combines ingredients from different metal styles to a tasty melodic death metal recipe. With a feeling for catchy melodies alternating with brutal passages they let it rip big time! A handful of Scandinavian-influenced Melodic Death Metal, combined with a portion of symphonic metal as well as a pinch of prog make up the band’s extraordinary sound. Crank it up – play it loud!

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A walk of fame
A walk of shame
Step by step
To find a way

The hills have eyes
The rocks have mouths
They see, they speak
Of other times

And when the moment comes
I decide to go hollow
To wander alone
Searching for peace

Lightless moon
Senseless gaze
Burning sun
An earth ablaze

Nectar and ambrosia
Reach for the stars


And when the moment comes
I decide to go hollow
I can see no one
No one can see me

The trip to heaven
A maze full of traps
The light to guide you
A flutter in the wind

Old, wise men
Promising escape
Nothing but stone they are
Soulless, lifeless

Between some grass
And a few stones
There lies a skull
And a few bones

They rot in silence
No one sees
Hollow they are
They’ve found their peace

Single-Cover “Ghost Path”

(Music: Jens Böhm / Lyrics: Theo Georgitsaros)


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